Machines and Technologies

Machines and Technologies

The Machines and Technologies in the eLab is designed for circuit and PCB development. It’s best to just stop by and see if what you need is here.

Besides the three fully equipped soldering and measurement workstations with power supplies, oscilloscopes, frequency generators, soldering irons and multimeters on the left side of the eLab, workstations on the right side offer you enough space for theoretical work. Some computers are available with pre-installed developer tools. Several whiteboards can also be found in the rooms.

The storage in the entrance area also offers a lot of space and above all components with which you can experiment.
There are programmers for SPI and JTAG to feed your microcontrollers and plug-in boards to plug them into your circuit. Development boards with Cortex M0 and M3 architecture as well as an FPGA board are also available.
The lockable project cabinet is located in the entrance. There project materials can be stored reliably.

If the going gets tough, you’re sure to find someone in the office to chat with or even just grab a snack.

Available together with laboratory staff:


3D Printing

PCB Production