of the Student Initiative eLab

from May 5, 2017


§ 1 Name
§ 2 Aims
§ 3 Membership
§ 4 Organs of the Initiative
§ 5 Association Board
§ 6 Meeting
§ 7 General Assembly
§ 8 Closure
§ 9 Amendment of the statutes


1 These statutes supplement the statutes of the student body of the University of Siegen. 2 If any part of these statutes is in conflict with the currently valid higher-ranking regulations, only this part of the statutes shall expire.

§ 1 Name

The initiative bears the name eLab.

§ 2 Goals

1 The initiative maintains a student electronics laboratory in room H-H 002, hereinafter referred to as eLab. 2 The lab promotes the spirit of research and practical experience among students.

§ 3 Membership

(1) Every member accepts the laboratory rules of the eLaboratory.
(2) 1Prerequisite for membership is compliance with the laboratory regulations. 2 In case of violation of the laboratory rules, the association board (according to § 5) reserves the right of sanctioning up to exclusion from the initiative.
(3) Any member may resign at any time in writing or verbally at a meeting or plenary session.
orally at a meeting or plenary session.
(4) 1 After six months of inactivity or de-registration, a member automatically resigns. 2 Inactivity exists if a member does not respond even after a personal letter by e-mail.
(5) A resumption of membership is possible, provided that para. 2 sentence 2 did not lead to the withdrawal.

§ 4 Organs of the Initiative

The organs of the initiative are:

(1) The board (according to § 5)
(2) The General Assembly (according to § 7)

§ 5 Association Board

(1) The board consists of three, five or seven members.
(2) 1 The Board shall be elected at least once a year at the General Assembly by a two-thirds majority. 2 During the new election, the discharge of the previous board shall be voted on.
(3) The following units must be taken over by members of the board:
Financial Officer
Security Officer
(4) 1 For each of these departments a deputy can be elected. 2An accumulation of offices is possible, §18 para. 5 HWVO NRW remains unaffected.
(5) The spokesperson shall convene the meetings and chair the speeches.
(6) 1 The financial officer shall manage the current business of the initiative in accordance with the
of the budget and gives payment instructions to the treasurer. 2 The finance officer has the right to veto financial decisions. 3 Expenditures of more than 50€ require a vote in a meeting. 4 The finance officer shall draw up the budget for the following financial year.
(7) The treasurer executes the payment instructions of the finance officer.
(8) 1 The resignation of a member of the Executive Board is possible at any time in writing or verbally at a plenary meeting and shall result in the immediate election of a by-election in accordance with Paragraph 2. 2 If the member’s position becomes vacant as a result of the resignation, the member must continue to assume this position on a provisional basis.
(9) Each member of the Executive Board has unrestricted domiciliary rights in the rooms of the eLaboratory. 2The domiciliary rights shall only be applied in the event of violations of the laboratory regulations or the principles of the
principles of the constituted student body.
(10) 1A constructive vote of no confidence may be passed on any member of the Executive Board at a plenary meeting. 2A vote of no confidence requires a majority of two-thirds of the members present at the plenary meeting.

§ 6 Meeting

(1) The initiative shall hold regular meetings to regulate day-to-day business.
(2) 1 The spokesperson shall invite members to the meeting with at least seven days’ notice.
via the mailing list and another public channel. 2 The invitation shall contain the planned agenda.
(3) The quorum of the meeting is given if a proper invitation has been issued
and half of the board is present.
(4) 1 Each member of the initiative shall be entitled to vote. 2 Resolutions shall be adopted by simple majority.
(5) 1 In urgent cases, a vote may be held by e-mail, stating the reasons. 2 The deadline for the vote shall be at least 24 hours. 3 The resolution shall be valid if two thirds of all members of the Board of Management have voted and acknowledged the urgency.
(6) 1 The meetings shall be public. 2 At the request of two thirds of those present, parts of the meeting may be held in camera.

§ 7 Plenary meeting

(1) The plenary meeting shall be held at least once a year during the lecture period.
(2) The General Assembly shall be convened by the Executive Board or at the request of half of the members of the Initiative.
(3) 1 The plenary assembly must be invited at least eight days in advance via notice in the eLab and via mailing list and another university public channel. 2The invitation shall contain the planned agenda.
(4) 1 The General Assembly has a quorum if it has been properly invited and the Executive Board and five other members are present, provided that this does not exceed the number of members. 2 If the quorum is not reached, the Board shall immediately convene a new General Assembly, which shall then have a quorum, provided it has been properly invited.
(5) Unless otherwise stipulated, resolutions shall be adopted by a simple majority of the members present.
(6) The General Assembly shall adopt the budget for the following financial year.
(7) Once a year, the General Assembly elects an auditor and an accountant who are not members of the Executive Board.

§ 8 Closure

(1) 1 If it is not possible to elect an Executive Board in accordance with § 5 Para. 2 and 8, a date for a new General Assembly in accordance with § 7 Para. 3 shall be announced without delay. 2 If it is again not possible to elect a Association Board at this General Assembly, closure shall be initiated without delay.
(2) The rooms of the eLaboratory must be closed after seven days by the provisional Executive Board and all members and users must be denied access unless they are required to perform the tasks under para. 3.
(3) 1 After that, a cash audit, an audit of the accounts, and an inventory must be carried out within one week. 2 Subsequently, all resources will be handed over to the FSR eti for provisional administration.
(4) 1 If new members are found, the FSR eti is obliged to call a plenary meeting, which is quorate by proper invitation according to § 7 paragraph 3. 2 If a new board is elected, all resources shall be handed over to it without delay.

§ 9 Amendment of the statutes

An amendment of these statutes requires the approval of a two-thirds majority of a plenary meeting.